Christmas trees

Pallet systems

Potted Christmas trees

Ornamental green

FarmConsult deliver on 3 different pallets to meet customers' different needs

  • CT-pallet - (HxWxD) - 240 x 260 x 120 cm: 10 pcs / truck
  • Half pallet - (HxWxD) - 120 x 260 x 120 cm: 20 pcs / truck
  • EU-pallet - (HxWxD) - 120 x 120 x 80 cm: up to 60 pcs / truck


FarmConsult have their own labeling system to ensure customers the right product. The color of the label indicates the quality of the Christmas tree, and the base color indicates the height of the tree.

All labels have a specific EAN code as well as a unique numbering system, which ensures the traceability of the individual tree at the customer.